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●MUSIC VIDEO● THE TOES 'Chrome Radio Rocks'

THE TOES 'Chrome Radio Rocks'
2012 | Color | Digital Video | 16:9 | Stereo | Spanish | 2min 5s

 Starring Joet Santiago co-starring Andrea Ibañez, also starring Zaire Martinez, Borja Larrañaga, Pablo Rodriguez, 
Anna Malavé and  José Castro. A film by Geycha Collazo, Kevin Quiles , Johnny Santiago,Yanira Diaz
and Ioannes Busca Photographed & edited by Ioannes Busca
Music  The Toes 'Chrome Radio Rocks' Ample Play Records
Shot with Canon 550D in UPRRP University of Puerto Rico
October 2012

Video done for the Multimedia Photography class with the professor Jimmy Torres in the University of Puerto Rico.

The only rule the teacher gave us this time was that it had to be one continuous shot. No cuts. We were the same group that did the Scape video a few weeks ago so we decided to relate this new one to it in a certain way. Thanks must be given to all the friends that feature on it for help in us, specially to the two main actors.