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Logo and name design for the Amazon Marketplace & eBay online store Azaar Bazaar.

The expression of the guy in the logo represents the happiness of having sold something and making someone happy as well as receiving money for that. The tear coming out from the guys eye represents the sadness when you let go something that you like just because you need the money. If you realize the two eyes and the nose are made with an 'R' an 'L' and a 'P' meaning 'Random Limited Products' as this is primarily a used stuff store with limited availability of a diversity of products.

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●WEB DESIGN● ChronOtomo: Otomo Katsuhiro Chronology

ChronOtomo project and web, concept and design. HTML and CSS tinkering by Aaron Busca.
This project started just a year ago with ChronOtomo: Katsuhiro Otomo Chronology facebook page.   During this time, we have realized that this platform wasn't the most appropriate for this kind of project. Today we launched the website version. For the past year we have been collecting and publishing as much information about Katsuhiro Otomo's works as we could, and despite we are still a long way from completion, we've already published more than 500 posts and 700 images. All this material is now collected in ChronOtomo: Katsuhiro Otomo Chronology in a more convenient way, making use of links and tags so that the exploration of the many books and illustrations is much more pleasing.


Katsuhiro Otomo (大友克洋) tribute page that highlights his works and publications chronologically. Born on April 14, 1954 in Miyagi, Japan, Katsuhiro Otomo made his debut as a manga artist in 1973 with Jūsei and for over almost half a century to this day, he has created thousands of manga pages, illustrated essays, and illustrations. He has also directed worldwide renown animated and live action films. 

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Logo re-design for AA&NN.

We realized that when AAANDNN is written, it makes the already confusing and hard to spell name hard to recognize at a glance, so we thought it needed to be changed; this time we made use of the '&'  and replaced the typography  so that the overall logo had a much cleaner look.