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Name and logo design for Frozeen, a digital comics publishing platform developed by AA&NN.


New Logo design for Laino Mehe, a comunity of comic enthusiasts from Basque Country who's will is to inform about new publications in basque language as well translate classics works to this minority language in which hardly any comic is published.

'Laino Mehe' means 'Thin Cloud' in basque so I couldn't though in none other than the most famous cloud in comics history, even it's pretty thick. I hope Laino Mehe grows thicker everyday. 


Front and back illustration of a T-shirt for KALEBLOK, an urban climbers community from Oñati.

KALEBLOK is a group of climbers that once a year go hangout on the streets of Oñati and climb in the walls and balconies along the streets. That is what they've told me they do because I've never seen them in action. Their motto in basque is "Siñistu ta Txipittu" that means Believe and Destroy. The t-shirts were silk screen printed.


228mm x 228mm 
Ink & watercolor on paper

Illustration for WEIMLOVERS, a community of Weimaraner dog owners.


216mm x 280mm
Ink on paper and digital 

Illustration for a gift.

This drawing is based on a photograph taken by Steph & Noelis in Ponce in 2012.  Fifty years later, Steph continues taking photographs but has changed the skateboard for a modern rocket backpack. Noelis on the other hand is now equipped with a Portable Medical Laboratory Unit.  I am the ball floating around. You don't want to know what happened to me.


85mm x 55mm
Ink on paper

Card-size illustration for a private collection made for a gift.

●COMIC● ARCHIFREAKS #3 'Torre norte'

ARCHIFREAKS #3 'Torre norte'

Published in PB3, Torre Norte Student Council bulletin on 2014-III-10
1 page | B&W

Read it in various languages in Frozeen: