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460mm x 340mm (folded 210mm x147mm x 30mm)
Photo and Digital image
Ink jet on cardboard

This box was created as a final presentation of a semester in the Madrid Architecture School (ETSAM). The box contained the A5 size sheets with the multiple ideas and project approaches that were generated during the course.  

The idea behind this 21x14,7x3cm augmented size version of the original ROYAL baking powder box is to create a metaphorical image of each sheet being a dose of leavening that can make something else grow or can grow by itself in something more than just an idea and become a real project. To make those projects come true a company should be created so we name it AA&NN.


This logo was designed for the newly created company AA&NN, founded by brothers Aaron & Ioannes Busca

While we came up with something better we used a provisional design taken from ROYAL, a well know baking powder brand. We found it was inspiring thinking that this new company would be the leavening needed to make any idea grow into real projects. The logo was designed from the very beginning to be a temporary one and was used just for the first months of the company.

●COMIC● EdFramed antecessor

EdFramed prototype

Architecture School Project drawn on 2007-XI-22
1 page | B&W


●BOOK● EdFramed 1


DVD design design for the AAGRAFA project of the Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura gave in Madrid Architecture School on November 7, 2007. Available in ETSAM library.

Eduardo Souto de Moura
Recorded by AAGRAFA on November 7, 2007
60 min.
Deposit number: V-784


297mm x 420mm
Digital image
Ink jet printed paper over foam core board

Drawing submitted to this year's  YO DONA's graphic design contest to raise awareness upon the violence against women in today's society. The work was not awarded.

●DVD DESIGN● XIII Music Festival in Toledo

La vida en el ataúd, La música de los muertos
Tomás Luis de Victoria, Officium defunctorum, La vida en el ataúd.

Director: Guillermo Bautista
Scene director: Ignacio García
Recording: Ricardo Santonja
Video editing and DVD authoring: Ioannes Busca

XIII Festival Internacional de Música Clásica de Toledo
Sábado 17 de junio de 2007 centro cultural Santa Fe

DVD authoring and menu design for the concert part of the XIII Music Festival in Toledo, directed by Guillermo Bautista and recorded by photographer Ricardo Santonja.


T-shirt design for the XVII edition of SEVEN International tournament that takes place in madrid this summer.

I was with Miguel Beloqui who was looking for a T-shirt design for a Seven tournament. Seven is a modality of the game of Rugby where seven menbers play on each team, letting the players show off more than usual. We came up with a wordplay: exprime tu ju[e]go (squeeze your game) and then we look for a cool squeezer drawing on google. 

●COVER DESIGN● LECTURE: João Luis Carrilho da Graça

Cover design for the AAGRAFA project of the lecture by João Luis Carrilho da Graça that took place in in Madrid Architecture School in April 25, 2007. Available in ETSAM library

Recorded & authored by AAGRAFA project
Format: PAL 4:3
Language: Spanish
Running time: 100 min
Deposit number [V-731]


2007 | Color | Digital Video | 16:9 | Stereo | 3min 14s

Photographed & edited by
Ioannes Busca
Shot with a Nokia phone in Madrid
March 2007

Video developed for Gonzalo Pardo's Fresh Forward page profile.

I met Gonzalo a while ago and have never had the chance to work on something together. He is always so busy working on multiple projects that he told me if I could record a short video for him with a brand new cell phone Nokia was releasing at that time.


DVD collection design for AAGRAFA project of a series that collects lessons of professors from Madrid Architecture School that are retiring soon. Available in ETSAM library.


●Lecciones en la ETSAM vol. 1: Ricardo Aroca, Mecanica del sólido y sistemas estructurales
Recorded by AAGRAFA project
Recording date: 2006-XI-2
Format: DVD
Language: Spanish
Running time: 120 min
Deposit number: V-675

●Lecciones en la ETSAM vol. 2: Javier Seguí, Dibujo Análisis e ideación 1
Recorded by AAGRAFA project
Recording date: 2006-XII-4
Format: DVD
Language: Spanish
Running time: 95 min
Deposit number: V-694

●Lecciones en la ETSAM vol. 3: Paco Alonso, Lección inaugural de proyectos
Recorded by AAGRAFA project
Recording date: 2007-II-5
Format: DVD
Language: Spanish
Running time: 108 min
Deposit number: V-695

●Lecciones en la ETSAM vol. 4: Javier Cárdenas, Construcción obra gruesa
Recorded by AAGRAFA project
Recording date: 2007-II-8
Format: DVD
Language: Spanish
Running time: 85 min
Deposit number: V-696

●Lecciones en la ETSAM vol. 5: Antón Capitel, Las formas ilusorias en la arquitectura de Asplund
Recorded by AAGRAFA project
Recording date: 2007-II-14
Format: DVD
Language: Spanish
Running time: 99 min
Deposit number: V-697