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Four boards
297mm x 420mm (each board)
Digital and traditional techniques
Ink jet printed on paper

Intervention proposal for the Alison & Peter Smithson's Upper Lawn Pavilion developed for architecture design class in Madrid Architecture School, ETSAM.

Each of us had to choose an existing house from a list, draw it and analyze it first and then made a proposal for an expansion. I chose architects Alison and Peter Smithson's Upper Lawn Pavilion. I discovered Allison and Peter's work in the travel we did last years to UK. where we visited many of this couples great works.

However, while researching to find information to draw the house properly I found their books and texts and is then when I have really started to understand their approach to architecture. Magnificent, clear minded, honest, human scale architecture. Nothing to do with what we are used to see now a days in magazines.


Konstantin Mel'nikov (1999)
Directed by Marjo Leupers y Jet Christiaanse
Produced by Qui Vive film productions
Original source: VHS

DVD cover design for the documentary Konstantin Mel'nikov digitalized for AAGRAFA project.  Available in the ETSAM library with the Catalogue number  [V-320].

I think this is one of the first covers I did for the AAGRAFA project. They did't use to do covers to the videos, conferences or any DVD they release but we managed to convince Ildefonso, our  boss there, to bring us a good color printer that prints blank DVDs too. Even we didn't have a lot of  time to do fancy stuff because it was just a two hours a day job we tried to bring some color to the ETSAM library video archive.