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2010 | Color | Digital Video | 16:9 | Stereo | Spanish | 34s
Featuring The visitors of solar Decathlon
A video by Ioannes Busca, Rodrigo Delso & Javier Argota
Photographed and edited by Ioannes Busca
Shot with Canon 550D in Madrid. 
June 23,  2010

Video submited and awarded with the first prize in the 'Solar Decathlon 2010 Madrid short film competition'.  Solar Decathlon is an event where universities from all over the world compete with the Solar Houses they have been working on, for years. Madrid was the reunion point for this year's event for the first time.
The organization of Solar Decathon promoted a video competition so Rodrigo Delso, Javier Argota and I, came up with a simple idea; we went on location to see what was happening there. Even the joke was funny and the execution pretty poor, we ended up winning the first prize.

●MUSIC VIDEO● SWEET LIFE SOCIETY "The Beatz Feat Mina Ruff Mix Preview"

"The Beatz Feat Mina Ruff Mix Preview"
2010 | Color | Digital Video | 16:9 | Stereo | 2min 22s
Production Company: AA&NN
Directed and edited by Ioannes Busca
produced by Luis Mesejo
Images from iPhone 4 presentation keynote ⒸApple Inc.

Music video for the Torino based band Sweet Life Society.
My friend Luis Mesejo called me one afternoon asking for help in creating a bunch of  videos for Sweet Life Society so I help him out making one of them. I did the video the day the iPhone 4 was presented and as I was watching Job's key note,  I came up with the idea of using the factory footage featured on it. When you use quality footage the quality stands out.