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Published in 2015-XII-28
11 pages | B&W

Available in various languages in Frozeen.
This comic was supposed to end with the election of the President of Spain on the general elections that took place on December 20th, but the results turned out so fragmented that there isn't a clear winner yet. So, I decided to make this comic a weekly series and continue with this story for a while.

●COMIC● EdFramed season 3

Six months after the second season ended, EdFramed comes back for his third season. Available in english, spanish and basque in the oficial www.edframed.com site, powered by Frozeen as well as in facebook and instagram.


●BOOK● EdFramed 3


Cover design for a set of two 8 disc boxes that collect the 16 full feature films directed by the Coen Brothers.

It's a shame how most of the DVDs and Blu-ray discs released nowadays are presented in cheap plastic cases with huge holes, no booklets and many times horrible cover art. We already owned many of the Coen brothers movies on blu-ray so I thought it would be great to complete their filmography in a more convenient way. I choose the affordable  Viva Elite 8 disc boxes to fit the 16 films the Coens have directed till the day. I organize them chronologically and for the cover art I used the original movie posters and rewrote the credits included in therein, so they could be readable. The two boxes together measure just the same as four single disc boxes so shelve space is not wasted and as original movies carry no special cover art or booklet, there is nothing to miss.


Illustration for a 50x70cm poster presented for the cover of the activity program of the San Miguel festivities in Oñati. It was not selected.

This was a sketch of a  short story about  'Txorimaloak', the bigheaded carnival  figures that follow the kids around the town during the festivities, I hope to finish it one of this days.



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2015-V-25 | 1 page | B&W

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●COMIC● EdFramed season 2

After a hiatus of three years EdFramed is back for his second season. The 58 strips of the second season were published on a daily basis between January 15, 2015 and March 13, 2015 in the oficial www.edframed.com site, powered by Frozeen. This second season was also  published daily in facebook and instagram.


●BOOK● EdFramed 2