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Logo and name design for the Amazon Marketplace & eBay online store Azaar Bazaar.

The expression of the guy in the logo represents the happiness of having sold something and making someone happy as well as receiving money for that. The tear coming out from the guys eye represents the sadness when you let go something that you like just because you need the money. If you realize the two eyes and the nose are made with an 'R' an 'L' and a 'P' meaning 'Random Limited Products' as this is primarily a used stuff store with limited availability of a diversity of products.

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Logo re-design for AA&NN.

We realized that when AAANDNN is written, it makes the already confusing and hard to spell name hard to recognize at a glance, so we thought it needed to be changed; this time we made use of the '&'  and replaced the typography  so that the overall logo had a much cleaner look.


2013 | Color | Digital Video | 16:9 | Stereo | English | 1min 5s

a performance by Jhalon T. Cherry
Photographed and edited by Ioannes Busca
Shot with a Samsung GalaxyS Vibrant in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.
March 8, 2013

A improvised performance by Jhalon T. Cherry, recorded in the basketball court of Torre Norte student dorms.

We were playing some basketball that afternoon and recording ourselves with a cell phone trying to dunk  when Jhalon, that always has a funny story to tell up his sleeve, improvised this. He is a natural born story teller. I always tell he him that he should pursue a performing career.