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500mm x 700mm
Digital Image
Ink jet printed on paper

This Poster was designed to promote the Third edition of Silestone's International Idea Contest organized by I+D+Art & Cosentino

The contest was about reusing Silestone's discarded pieces and making something with them. So I made a big exclamation mark out of Silestone's materials catalogue that covered the poster entirely to draw the attention of people so they would read the contest rules and participate. They likd the idea so much that they made T-shirts with this design for this year and the upcoming years contest.


Name and logo design for Ahabi company.

The design of the Ahabi logo is reminiscent of what its name represents, "ahabi" means blueberry in basque, language spoken in the Basque Country where the company was founded.



700mm x 50mm x 150mm (aprox.)
Cardboard and plastic

Model design for Ecosistema Urbano architects office for their last project: Plaza Ecopolis. This working model was use during the building's development phase as part of a mayor project that aimed to regenerate a plot on the outskirts of Madrid, a place surrounded by transport infrastructure and adjacent to an industrial estate into  a public space for social interaction.

I met Jose Luis Vallejo in ETSAM architecture School where I was studying at the time and he was teaching there. When the semester ended he offered me a one month internship in his office developing this model that later became a real building. I made those photographs of the model before I leave.


2 boards
1188mm x 420mm
Digital Image
Ink jet printed paper over foam core board

Proposal developed in collaboration with Laura Currais and Pablo Muñoz, submitted to the SIKA architectural contest.

This years rules were  to create a temporary basement in the Caiman islands and put there all the politicians of the world so that they would fix the economical crisisthat we where suffering... so for a utopian proposal what better than  a hype-realistic solution. Laura was from Vigo so we thought that the ship could be produced there creating lots of employs in the area, then it would go around the world picing the politians and finally settle doen in the Caiman island we the will resolve all the worlds problem (?)...Then of course the ship woul be reused as a luxury transatlantic. We didn't have much time to createa a hiper realistic drawing of a transatlantic so we just take this amazing drawing by Stephen Biesty from his Incredible Cross-Sections book and ripped it out. If we had won we would have send Stephen a check. But that, sadly, didn't happen.


DVD design and authoring for Ecosistema Urbano Exposition at II Biennial of the Canary Islands about Architecture, Art and Landscape. The exposition took place from March 5th to May 3rd, 2009 in the Canary islands. Spain.

I remenber having a good time working with Iñigo Cornago creating the menus and introductiory motion graphics for each of the ten videos collected in this DVD disc.


Logo and name design for a partnership to between AA&NN and I+D+Art for a touchscreen proposal for he actua UPM, an entrepreneurial organization inside the university for the promotion of new ideas and projects. 

MMOT stands for 'Madrid Malaga Oñati Touch', the first three are the places of residence of the driving forces behind the project and 'Touch' refers to the project that consisted on a touch screen interface and was developed entirely y Aaron Busca and designed externally by me. We were awarded with a mention for the project idea and receive some special classes on how to create a company but we where not able to collect enough money to continue its development so MMOT disappeared after a few months of its creation.