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Three boards
594mm x 420mm (each board)
Traditional  & digital techniques
Ink jet printed on paper

Skyscraper proposal in Castellana street in Madrid for the first year architecture design class in Madrid Architecture School, ETSAM.

A skyscraper in the middle of Castellana, with surrounding building witch height is less than ten floors. The proposal is a building diferenciated in two parts. The first one made of the street level concrete basement with few holes on the façade as height as the surroundong buildings. The second one starts above that point were perimeter structure comes out keeping a full glass façade in its interior so that the main structure works also as a brisolei.
This differentiation also reflects the building in its interior. the first opaque part is were conferences and reunion rooms are located and behind the big glass façade is were offices are located. I also tried to play with the idea of being a building made in two parts with a heavy concrete part bellow and a lightweight structure mounted as a later enlargement.
The building is organized inspired by Richard Rogers Lloyd's building were service and served spaces are remarked. Vertical communication as stairs and elevators are in the east façade while north façade keeps all the installations. The goal is to keep a square plant as versatile and free as possible