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Traditional and digital techniques
Ink jet printed on paper

Architectural proposal for a pavillion in Adolf Loos Moller house's backyard developed for architecture design class in Madrid Architecture School.
From the start the project is thought not only as a pavilion for people who visit the house but a meeting point where anyone can go, stay and talk with other people. The backyard of the house is a nice space for that.  
The proposed building is basically a prefabricated metallic arch that is seven meters high in its upper part and crosses the garden from one side to the other, covering the 98 square meters of it and transforming it in a polyvalent space. The textile roof that covers the structure can be folded, opening the space to the rest of the garden. These textile walls are also used as projection screens.  
All the furniture and systems needed are provided inside four modular blocks that keep everything hidden while not in use. All these content  grows through the pavilion and is moved by the visitors themselves, who for example can take a chair, use it and return it to the block when they don't need it anymore.