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Digital Image
Ink jet printed in paper

Product and ad design for  ETSAM Architecture School class.
We had to take something in this years design class and improve it, so I decided to take my new Ikea Lersta lamp  and design a plastic cover for it  to prevent dust from getting in when I put it looking upwards so that the light is not direct when I am reading. I name it DUSTLIC because is a piece of plastic that avoids dust.  The project was explained with this printed ad campaign that would communicate the idea to potential consumers, because after all, what is the point of solving a problem just for yourself?  If this problem affects to millions of owners of this lamp what better than make people know that this problem  can be solved right now with DUSTLIC. I belive that the only way of reaching the attention of consumers is by commercial campaigns that explain the product in an easy way so that everyone can understand them.
To learn more visit: https://aaandnn.com/lab/grod/