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1188×420 mm
Digital Image
Ink jet printed paper over foam core board

Proposal created in collaboration with Laura Currais and Pablo Muñoz, submitted to the 2009 SIKA Student Architectural Competition.
This years rules were to create a temporary basement in the Caiman islands and put there all the politicians of the world so that they would fix the economical crisis that we were suffering... so for a utopian proposal what better than  a hyper-realistic solution. Laura was from Vigo so we thought that the ship could be produced there creating lots of jobs in the area. Then it would go around the world picking up the politicians to finally settle down in the Caiman island we all together they would resolve all the worlds problems (?)...Then of course the ship woul be reused as a luxury transatlantic. We didn't have much time to createa a hyper-realistic looking drawing of a transatlantic so we just took an amazing drawing by Stephen Biesty from his Incredible Cross-Sections books and ripped it out. If we had won we would have send a check to Mr Biesty. But that, sadly, didn't happen.