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Three boards
594×420 mm each
Traditional & digital techniques
Ink jet printed on paper

Skyscraper proposal in Castellana street in Madrid for the first year architecture design class in Madrid Architecture School.
A skyscraper in the middle of Castellana, with surrounding buildings not higher that ten stories. The proposal consists on a building clearly differentiated in two pieces. One expressed as a huge concrete element with not many apertures on it that has the same height as the surrounding buildings and a second piece, that grows from there, consisting on a perimeter structure that leaves a full glass façade behind. This structure would also work as a brisolei.
This external differentiation of the concrete piece in the bottom and a lightweight structure mounted as a later enlargement is reflected on the interior of the building. The first opaque part is where conferences and reunion rooms are located and behind the big glass façade is where offices are located.
The building is organized inspired by Richard Rogers Lloyd's building were service and served spaces clearly differ. Vertical communication such as stairs and elevators are in the east façade, while north façade keeps all the installations. The goal is to keep a square plant as versatile and free as possible.