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Logo submitted to the ETSAM library logo competition. This design was awarded with the second price and therefore it was never used.
The idea behind this logo is to make a simple yet a not common representation of a book as we kwon today, constructed with sheets of paper bound together. If the future of the book is hard to define, it's even harder to define what kind of documents or services will provide a library in the upcoming years so even the book is the main reason of being of the libraries, I decided to represent the book in a rather abstract way.


DVD collection design for AAGRAFA,  digitalized from old VHS tapes. A series of lectures that the architect Rafael Moneo gave back in 1995 in Circulo de Bellas Artesin Madrid for the 3rd Biennial of Spanish Architecture.


III. Bienal de Arquitectura española, Ciclo de conferencias en el círculo de Bellas artes, Principios diversos en seis arquitectos contemporáneos.

●DVD 1 | 1995-XI-14 | 110 min | Deposit number: V-808
Rafael Moneo: James Stirling

●DVD 2 | 1995-XI-15 | 95 min | Deposit number: V-809
Rafael Moneo: Aldo Rossi

●DVD 3 | 1995-XI-16  | 118 min | Deposit number: V-810
Rafael Moneo: Peter Eisenman

●DVD 4 | 1995-XI-21|  112 min | Deposit number: V-811
Rafael Moneo: Alvaro Siza

●DVD 5 | 1995-XI-22 |  118 min | Deposit number: V-812
Rafael Moneo: Frank Gehry

●DVD 6 | 1995-XI-23 | 121 min | Deposit number: V-813
Rafael Moneo: Rem Koolhass

Available in ETSAM library.

To learn more visit: https://aaandnn.com/design/moneo/