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●SHORT● eπ

2003 | Color | Digital Video | 16:9 | Stereo | 6min 22s
A Project by Cristian Alvarez, Elena Calvo, Alba Rodriguez & Ioannes Busca
Shot on miniDV in ETSAM, Madrid in April 2003

Short film created for the first year DAI 2 class (Drawing Analyzing and Ideation 2) with professors Atxu Amann, Marta Maiz and Ricardo Santonja in the Architecture School of Madrid.
It was our first year in Madrid ArchitectureSchool and Elena, Cristian, Alba and me end up teamed up to make a short film for DAI class. I believe this this is the first time any of us worked making a video.  We managed to borrow a JVC miniDV camcorder, but end up editing on VHS... then we played the VHS tape back on a TV  and re-record it again on miniDV, to finally import this footage to Adobe Premiere and add the music. We had a great time.