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●CONCEPT DESIGN● DUSTLIC (Japanese campaign)

Digital Image
Ink jet printed in paper

Product and ad design for ETSAM Architecture School class.
After making the home commercial campaign of DUSTLIC, I decided it would be fun to try to do some international variations of the printed commercial. I did this Japanese one with the help of google translator, my apologies for the Japanese readers, I will try harder next time.
To learn more visit: https://aaandnn.com/lab/grod/


Digital Image
Ink jet printed in paper

Product and ad design for  ETSAM Architecture School class.
We had to take something in this years design class and improve it, so I decided to take my new Ikea Lersta lamp  and design a plastic cover for it  to prevent dust from getting in when I put it looking upwards so that the light is not direct when I am reading. I name it DUSTLIC because is a piece of plastic that avoids dust.  The project was explained with this printed ad campaign that would communicate the idea to potential consumers, because after all, what is the point of solving a problem just for yourself?  If this problem affects to millions of owners of this lamp what better than make people know that this problem  can be solved right now with DUSTLIC. I belive that the only way of reaching the attention of consumers is by commercial campaigns that explain the product in an easy way so that everyone can understand them.
To learn more visit: https://aaandnn.com/lab/grod/ 


420mm x 597mm
Digital image
Ink jet printed paper over foam core board

Panel conceptualized together with Beatriz del Castillo and her team mates, presented to the 2008 SIKA Architectural Competition  organized by SIKAThe panel was awarded with a mention.
This year the theme was "profitable city" and the goal was to maximize the profitability of a generic city. Our idea was to merge the colors of the city's infrastructures with the colors attributed to brands. Coke is red, Orange is obviously orange and Caja Madrid has a green bear as a logo.


2008 | Color | Digital Video | 4:3 | Stereo | 3min 5s
Elena Alvarez, Enrique Bayarri, Miguel Beloqui, Silvia Echeverria
Ioannes Busca, Guillermo Fernandez & Raul Nieves
Edited by Ioannes Busca
Music Kiko Veneno 'SI tu, si yo'
Shot with Handycams in centro Párraga, Murcia
April 2008

Video created together with Elena Alvarez, Enrique Bayarri, Miguel Beloqui, Silvia Echeverria, Guillermo Fernandez & Raul Nieves for in an architectural weekend workshop in Párraga Center, Murcia from April 9 to 12 with the Madrid Architecture School's Experimental Projects Group and the visiting artists Yvonne Laurysen and Moritz Waldemeyer.
That was one of the craziest workshop I have ever been in to. Our motto was: 'We have come to expertize and we don't care about results' With that mindset, failure was not an option. We came up with so many ideas, some crazy, some not so crazy; to develop later  during the semester... and we had a great time. What else can we ask for?