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2012 | Color | Digital Video | 16:9 | Stereo | 2 min.
Starring Gadea Burgaz & Elvira Carrión co-starring Javier Paz
Photographed and performed by 2012 (February to may) DAI 2 Students in ETSAM
Music Aphex Twin - GirlBoy Song
Edited by Ioannes Busca
Directed by Ynes Verkaufen ( Inés Sell)
Filmed in ETSAM, Madrid
April 27, 2012

Performance shot in the ETSAM architecture school in Madrid with the first year students class of DAI  2 (Drawing Analyzing and Ideation 2) with professor Atxu Amann, submitted to the contest 'Video Talentos' organized by Fundacion Banco Santander and OpenBank.
That was my second semester as teacher assistant with professor Atxu Amann and among the multiple things we did during that semester, one of the coolest was this contest entry developed by the whole class based upon an idea by Inés Sell that was previously selected by popular vote. I don't really know how close the final video is to what she had in mind. Even we had 5 or 6 cameras recording the performance the final footage was terrible, but somehow we manage to make a video out of it.