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●WEB DESIGN● LainoMehe

LainoMehe web concept and design as well as translation of content. Html & CSS tinkering by Aaron Busca. 
Launched in March 2011, this project went from various stages of design until the launch of its Frozeen page in August 2014. We conveniently accommodated there the translated comic works and we have continued using LainoMehe's website and its facebook page for more text centric entries and also, to post, link and share every time we translate to Basque and publish a new comic. A thing that happens less often than we would like.

How would the characters in our favorite comics talk if they spoke in Basque? LainoMehe was born in response to that question. If not to fight back the scarcity of comics in the Basque publishing scene, then to translate some chapters of our favorite authors and share them with basque readers.

We took the first steps in March 2011, adapting the basque version of Dragon Ball animation series that was broadcasted in the Basque TV to the original manga work. When we saw that they fit, we transcribed the first five chapters and posted them on a web we called: laino.me (light cloud). Although they were very successful in our circle of friends, it didn't seem good to us to keep on translating copyrighted content and even though we tried to find different ways of doing it correctly, we haven't found away to do it properly yet.

In November 2014, we refreshed our name and logo and went from laino.me to LainoMehe. We also got established in Frozeen comic publishing platform. First of all, we want to apologize to the authors and owners of the copyrights of the comics if this initiative seems wrong to them. The idea was to take a few works from each author, to have a sample of how they would look in basque, while we continue dreaming with a utopian Basque comic publishing scene. If this doesn't seem right to you, please get in touch with us and accept our apologies for the inconveniences.

Without further ado, if you don't want to miss the comics that we'll be translating from time to time, subscribe via email to this blog and follow us on facebook

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