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2010 | Color | Digital Video | 4:3 | Stereo | 43 min
Featuring Adrés Pereas' friends and students
Directed by Miguel Beloqui
Edited by Guillermo Fernández, Iñigo Cornago, Ioannes Busca and Miguel Beloqui, 
Madrid, February 17, 2010

Video directed by Miguel Beloqui to pay tribute to ETSAM professor and architect Andrés Perea.
Miguel Beloqui was in charge of making this tribute video, so once he collected all the videos from the people in various formats an qualities, we managed to find a way to merge them as a single unit. I had an old TV  and an old Apple powerbook laptop at home and Guillermo Fernandez had another old TV, so we three and Iñigo Cornago, met at my house and we edited this video. We had some good laughs!